Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Freshness charm of Sedudo Waterfall

sedudo waterfall nganjuk east java indonesia
Visiting these attractions, it feels incomplete, if not feel the cold water splash.
Shortly after arriving. Adjacent to the great pavilion at tourist sites, there are shanties street. We enjoyed the local traditional food, namely rice corn. Unforgettable unique atmosphere, enjoy nature while recharging after a day of journey, with corn rice menu. Understandably, this object is far away, at least 3 km from the village on the slopes of Mount Wilis. The menu was delicious though simple.
Waterfall tourism Sedodo, located in the village Ngliman, is one of the mainstay tourism Nganjuk regency, East Java. This tourist attraction offers a sensation of freshness while bathing under the waterfall, which has a height of 105 meters.
This tourist attraction is located at an altitude of 1,438 meters above sea level, this location already has adequate facilities, such as a large parking area and comfortable, praying, and there are many public toilets, so that visitors can feel at home linger here.
Moreover, too many food stalls stalls, which also provides a place to rest, while enjoying the cool air of the mountains. There was also a souvenir stalls selling local souvenirs.
However, waterfall tour manager sedudo admitted that, difficult to develop these places more, because of the structure of the soil is unstable and prone to landslides. To maintain cultural values, Nganjuk district government maintain the tradition of ritual bathing Sedudo, who routinely carried out in this place.
Access road to the location is approximately 30 km to the south of the city Nganjuk, the course tends to climb, up and down, and winding. Road conditions just as it is difficult for large vehicles such as buses, although also there is no public transport to get to this location, but many rental car ready to take to the location.
The path from the parking lot entrance to the location of the waterfall, is quite easy to reach, because it made staircases winding, up and down. If you feel tired or thirsty, can rest in the stalls are located on either side of the path.
We can see the waterfall sedudo from above, if you want to taste the freshness of the water bath, we could go down to the location. This tourist attraction is always crowded despite regular day, visitors will be more and more on holidays and weekends.

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